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Minimal Design

The design of the hydraulic ram pump can be done differently according to the water flow of each place.

Best Material

Since water is very rusty, we use good material while designing the Ram pump so that rust does not get eaten for a long time.

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Background of company

Vision Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a company established in 2074-02-18 in Salyan district. Since its inception, it has been producing Hydraulic ram Pump by conducting  special study and research on Hydraulic ram Pump and modifying it so that it can be maintained and maintained even by ordinary people. Hydraulic pumps have been installed in many places by studying the eco-friendly possibilities in different places.
In particular, the company is supplying irrigation and drinking water with the help of hydraulic ram pumps focusing on drinking water and irrigation lines. Apart from this, many works of drinking water and irrigation have also been done from solar. The company has directly or indirectly employed 12 people and is also producing  skilled manpower. The company employs skilled manpower to repair, weld, produce various types of agricultural implements.

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Mr. Suman Nath Yogi

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Mr. Lalit Chand

Vice President

Mr. Prem Kumar Kathayat