Hydraulic Rampump (Zero Energy Pump)
River water can be carried 150 meters vertically and 2 km horizontally.

Extremely useful for drinking water, irrigation, fisheries, and various agricultural purposes, especially from water sources or river channels deeper than settlements in hilly areas.


  Water hammer is a natural phenomenon. And the water pumps that created by water hammer have hundreds of years.

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High lift: 150m dayang water: 100m3 / day or above.

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The irrigation of Mountain, semi-mountain, hilly country. The irrigation of near reservoir, river, stream area. Drinking water for people.

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 We are committed to partnering with the government to develop social infrastructure that empowers communities.

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 Use of a renewable energy source, does not consume traditional fuel(petrol diesel and electricity), no pollution. High efficiency and high lift, long life.

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